Four Benefits of Using Rain Barrels

Your gutter system funnels rainwater off your roof and towards a designated drainage area, keeping your foundation and your home free of water damage. However, if you’re a regular gardener, this water may seem wasted. Adding a couple of rain barrels to your eavestrough system can help minimize your water usage. Today, we’ll look at four  benefits of adding rain barrels as part of your water collection system.


  • Rainwater is untreated with the chemicals and minerals found in tap water. This makes it better for your plants and your yard. Over time, the minerals from tap water can build up in the soil, decreasing the fertility of your garden. Using rainwater will keep your plants and your soil healthier in the long run.
  • Much of the treated water in our city contains a higher concentration of salts than rainwater. These salts can dry out your pet’s skin and hair, giving them a horribly itchy coat after a bath. Using the rainwater collected in your rain barrel to bathe your four-legged friend eliminates this problem.
  • Rain barrels can decrease your water bill. You’ve probably noticed the significant increase in your water utility bill when you start working on your garden. Rain barrels give you access to water that otherwise would have run off into a drainage area, reducing your reliance on city water, reducing your monthly bill.
  • Just about any home can make use of a rain barrel!


If you want to set up a rain barrel for use in your garden and around your home, call Urban Siding today. We can direct your eavestroughs and downspouts to the rain barrel without compromising the rest of your rain gutter system. Contact us today to learn more!

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