Something that a fair amount of people overlook when examining the exterior of their home is the accessibility of changing the aesthetic. Of course, many people choose to simply start a garden, or make ground-level adjustments to their property, but they tend to miss one of the largest, changeable areas. 

That’s right; we are referring to the siding of your home. Calgary siding is very common, easy to work with, and also remarkably changeable. One of the easiest ways for a person to change the aesthetic of the home is to put on a fresh coat of paint over top of the siding, and the process isn’t exceptionally difficult. Below, you will learn about the necessary steps to paint your siding. 

5 Steps to Painting Siding in Calgary

1. Surface Preparation

The first step in any painting process, and especially with Calgary siding painting, is the surface preparation. This stage involves cleaning all of the paintable surfaces. However, it isn’t as simple as spraying everything down with a pressure washer and moving onto the paint application. No, instead, you would be better off to wash the surfaces by hand.

You may, at this point, feel that the demand is much too high for the project if you are handwashing every surface, but wait. Consider washing one area at a time, and already it will feel like less work. Similarly, divide the work with a friend and swap tasks at regular intervals to keep the activities fresh and pleasant. In these ways, the cleaning will occur properly and without too much doom and gloom, hopefully.

2. Paint Selection

The paint selection part of the process is relatively simple. If you have access to a quality paint manufacturer or distributor, that is. Typically, you will need to find acrylic latex paint (in a shade you like, of course), and that should be sufficient. Although, you can ask your manufacturer/ distributor for other “vinyl-safe” options or other recommendations that they might have at an individual level. 


3. Material Procurement

Material procurement should be straightforward. 

  • Cleaning supplies, including lots of rags
  • 2” paint rollers and their handles
  • 2” or 3” sash brush
  • Masking or painters tape
  • Roller tray

Consider your project specifically, and add any items you think may benefit your painting. 

4. The Painting

As we mentioned above, make sure you have a buddy for the painting process. Not only does this cut down on the cleaning you have to do, but when you are working off the roof, having a friend to watch your back is essential. Remember, safety is tantamount in any project, and painting is no exception.

5. Quality Control 

After you finish the cleaning and painting, consult your paint pail for the drying time. Or, speak with your manufacturer/ distributor at the purchasing phase and inquire about the time. Once the paint cures, make sure you go through and do any touch-ups on spots that look light or missed. This step will easily, and quickly, transform your project from good to great!

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