As we are quickly approaching winter here in Calgary, siding repair is coming to a close. However, if you choose the day right, September is the perfect month to get the last of your outdoor chores squared away. One chore that you may have neglected through our wonderful summer (no shame) is cleaning your aluminum siding.

Aluminum siding is a popular choice for homeowners and builders alike, but it can get dirty over time, like all siding. Luckily, cleaning this area of your home is relatively easy when you follow the right steps. Continue on to learn a simple, 3-step method to cleaning your aluminum siding. 

3 Steps to Clean Siding

Step 1: The Rinse

The first step is rinsing. You can use your garden hose with a spray head attachment, or simply put your thumb over the end to create extra pressure. For proper rinsing, start at the top of your siding and work your way down. This way will help you ensure all the debris and detritus has the opportunity to reach the ground.

Step 2: The Scrub

The second step is scrubbing your siding. First, prepare a cleaning solution with your favourite all-purpose cleaner and hot water. A ratio of 5:1 for water should be acceptable, but any further dilution will only moderately increase the required elbow grease. Again, you want to move from top to bottom during the scrubbing phase. The first step of rinsing should make the caked-on dirt and grime easily removable at this point.

pressure washing the house side

Step 3: The Wash

Finally, all that is left to do is wash off the loosened dirt. As you wash the areas, make sure to look out for stubborn dirt spots or mildew areas. Occasionally, these deposits can build up if they are not regularly cleaned. Luckily, it is easy to remove even the most stuck-on messes.

If you have an issue with these remaining areas of unsightliness, first try using a pressure washer. They are easy to find for rent and can lend a big hand for exterior cleaning activities. Otherwise, if you know that a good scrubbing is required, try using a bleach and water solution.

For All Things Siding: Repair, Replacement, Installation

In closing, you may find even greater problems as you clean your siding. Cracked or chipped areas, at least for vinyl siding, are quite common. For aluminum materials, you may find upturned corners or stubborn messes. Therefore, the best place to call for all things siding repair is Urban Siding. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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