The Benefits of Choosing Vinyl Siding Installation

When it is time to replace the siding on your home, there are many choices available to choose from. Siding options include wood, stone veneer, fiber cement, engineered wood siding and vinyl siding. Each of these choices has its own range of price options, as well as pros and cons. For example, while stone veneer siding is attractive and durable, it is also very expensive. Fiber cement siding costs less but usually requires periodic repainting. Wood and engineered wood siding needs regular maintenance as well as repainting.
Vinyl siding was introduced in the 1960’s, and in the beginning was not very well received. Since that time, improvements in quality, materials and production methods have helped to make it one of the premier choices for home and business siding. Vinyl’s resistance to extreme weather conditions makes it an especially popular in harsh climates. Below are some benefits of vinyl to consider when choosing which siding installation is right for your home:

Variety of Attractive Styles
Vinyl siding is available in many colours and textures, and is designed to fit various styles architecture. It is patterned to resemble wood siding and includes options such as soffits, fascia and corner boards. Vinyl siding is a very attractive low cost option that retains its appearance for many years, giving your home real curb appeal.

While vinyl siding now offers high-end options, it is still less expensive than wood or stone siding. Vinyl has its own range of options, such as house wrapping and backing materials that will affect the longevity and efficiency of the siding.

Highly Durable and Low Maintenance
Vinyl siding does not rot, peel or warp. The colouring is part of the vinyl, so it does not require repainting or other tasks to keep it in shape and looking good. Maintenance usually consists of spraying dirt off with a garden hose once a year if needed. Much of the better vinyl siding available today includes water resistant insulation material behind the siding. This provides additional impact resistance, protection for external walls, and reduces noise from outside.
When considering your siding choices, take a look at your neighbour’s homes. Ask them about their siding, how well they are satisfied with it, and any maintenance problems they may be experiencing.
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