Signs of a Poorly Installed Roof

At Urban Siding, we pride ourselves on our expertise and customer satisfaction. This is because we treat every roof as if it were the one covering our own home. When you have your roof repaired or a new roof installed by our roofing contractors, you’ll receive the highest quality installation possible. However, not all roofing companies have the same standards, resulting in inferior work or poor installation techniques that can lead to costly repairs down the road. Do you know the signs of a poorly installed roof?


Uneven Look

Your roof should look the same from every part of your home. The asphalt shingles should be laid flat and close together to keep water from reaching your attic. Further, the shingles should all be the same size and color to give you the best appearance and protection. If you notice that the shingles on your roof look like a patchwork quilt or are not uniform in size across the structure, this may indicate that only a portion of the roof was replaced and could mean problems for your roof later on.

Wood Rot in the Attic

If a roof is installed without the proper ventilation, moisture can become trapped under the roof’s underlayment and inside your attic. Over time, the warm, damp air can lead to mold and mildew growth, wood rot, and warping of your shingles. While shingles are easy to replace, your support structure in your attic is not. Rotten wood can’t support the weight of the roof and can warp and sag over time, resulting in the need for a full roof replacement.


Roofs are designed to prevent leaks in your home. A properly installed roof will keep excess moisture and damaging weather from getting into your home. Roofs that have defects or mismatched shingles have vulnerable points where water can seep in. Over time, and especially during the spring when snow and ice are melting, water can leak through the underlayment and into your walls. You’ll want to get the leaks fixed immediately in order to keep the problems from getting worse.

Missing Shingles

Properly installed shingles can withstand severe weather relatively well; however, improperly secured or damaged shingles can fall victim to severe winds and rain. If you notice that you have large patches of shingles missing from your roof after a severe storm, there’s a good chance that your roof was installed poorly. Each manufacturer recommends specific securing methods for their shingles, and if your contractor did not follow them, the shingles may fall off easily. Missing shingles do need to be replaced immediately as they protect your roof from rain and moisture. Leaving bare patches only increases your home’s risk of leaks.

Missing Roof Flashing

If the shingles run right up to your chimney and stop at the base, there’s a chance that your roof flashing was installed incorrectly. Roof flashing protects the vulnerable areas where shingles come into contact with chimneys, air vents, and skylights from damaging moisture. When properly installed, the flashing directs water away from the seams between materials and sends it down the shingles towards the rain gutters. Missing roof flashing could indicate that you have existing damage to your roof. Call an expert to have your roof inspected for water damage as soon as you notice this problem.


Whether you’re concerned about an old roof or believe that your last roof replacement was not as well done as you’d like, Urban Siding is here to help. We’ll help get your roof back into ideal condition. Contact us today to schedule your on-site estimate in Airdrie.

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