Tips for Filing an Insurance Claim

When your roof is damaged by hail or wind, the repair process can seem daunting. The first thing you’ll want to do is file an insurance claim with your homeowners insurance company. Since most homeowners won’t have to do this often, filing a claim can seem like a difficult and confusing task. At Urban Siding, we have plenty of experience working with insurance companies to address your insurance claims. Here, we’ll take a look at a few tips to help get you through the process.


Review Your Policy

Before filing a claim, you’ll want to review your homeowners policy so you’ll fully understand what is and isn’t covered by your insurance. Unfortunately, some policies will restrict the amount of funding on roof replacements for older roofs. Some companies factor in the depreciation of the roof after a certain number of years and will only give you the money for that estimated value. Other policies will cover repairs completely. Review your policy so you know what to expect.


Take Pictures

In order to help document your insurance claim, take pictures of the damage. It can be helpful to take pictures immediately after repair work is done, so you’ll have a set of before and after images for your insurance company, should your roof be damaged again.

Work with An Experienced Roofing Company

Urban Siding has worked with insurance companies in the Calgary and Airdrie area for more than five years and has the necessary experience to get you through the estimate and claims adjustment process. We offer competitive estimates and will work with your insurance company to ensure that all repairs meet the requirements they deem necessary.

Urban Siding is your trusted roofing company in Airdrie and Calgary. We stand by our repairs and guarantee that our work meets the Alberta Building Code. Let our experienced contractors help you through the insurance claims process and restore your roof.

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