If you’re a property manager, you know how important property appearance and maintenance are. You should also know that these things are only achievable when a home has proper siding. Just look at the house above – the siding brings everything together.

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What are the advantages of siding? According to Michael Joseph, at Home Design Coffee, they are many and varied. Siding is durable, easily maintained, and can accentuate the natural features of your property. We list some of the other pros and cons right on our blog. The pros are many and the cons few. Siding offers a beautiful, long-lasting finish to your home or property. Build Direct also weighs in on the cheaper installation cost and lower heating and cooling costs, as well.

Repairs are rarely necessary, but when needed, we here at Calgary Siding Repair know just how to make it right!

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I’m here to tell you that every home needs a shield as tough as the skin of an iguana. With water-shedding capabilities second to none, you are confident of a safe haven in literally any storm with iguana-like siding. At Calgary Siding Repair, we know how important siding maintenance services are to the safe and nurturing environment you and your loved ones enjoy!


Water damage is one of the worst things that happen in your home. Initial water damage is only the beginning. Left untreated, this type of damage can weaken and collapse your family’s most important material possession. Untreated water accumulation is a thriving environment for deadly molds, disease-spreading vermin, and microorganisms that can turn lethal for your family and pets.


Torn, damaged, unsealed and worn siding presents an easy entry into your home not only for small pests like snakes or rodents but also creates an area where unseen water can enter to form puddles. Without proper ventilation and sunshine, these pools of water become fertile breeding ground for molds and diseases that harm your loved ones. It’s essential to call the company that’s known as “Your Water Shedding Experts” for siding repairs or complete siding installations. That’s why I’m here to tell you that your home needs the same high-quality, impenetrable shield that covers me from head to claw.

Don’t take chances with something as important as your home! Siding installed by experienced craftsmen with over 10 years experience of doing it right the first time ensures a home as waterproof as me! If you want to see what others think, check Calgary Siding Repair on Facebook and Instagram

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Spring Cleaning – Exterior Things Homeowners Need to Accomplish

It might not feel like it quite yet, but spring–and the Spring Cleaning that comes with it–are right around the corner! Spring is a good opportunity for you to assess how your home’s exterior weathered the winter and to plan for maintenance and repairs. Taking the time to maintain your exterior now will save you a lot of money and headaches down the road.

  • Whether you’re cleaning your stairs or your exterior, it’s always best to start from the top. For safety’s sake, wait for a sunny day when your roof is dry and free from ice before you get up on the roof and inspect it for loose and damaged shingles. Repairing your roof before it goes through another year of wear and tear can prevent inconvenient and costly leaks later on.
  • Once you’re satisfied with the condition of your roof, it’s time to give those gutters a good cleaning! This task will prepare your home for the year ahead–or at least the months that will pass before it’s time to clean your gutters for the fall. If you had problems with ice damming in your gutters over the winter, now is the time to talk to a roofing professional about preventing that situation next year.
  • Next, check the eaves under your roof and make sure there are no soffits or other parts missing. Birds, raccoons, and other animals can get into your roof through gaps in the eaves and start nesting. Inspecting your eaves will help make sure you keep your local wildlife out of your insulation.
  • After making sure your roof and siding are in good condition, it’s time to see how your siding fared through the winter. Snow and slush typically leave most houses a little grimy, but a rinse with a pressure washer or handheld nozzle can do the job for most exterior walls. However, peeling paint or cracks in your siding are a sign of trouble to come, and you should repair those problems in order to keep your siding in good condition for the year ahead.
  • A winter’s accumulation of snow, slush, and dust can leave your home’s windows a little grimy. However, if you clean your windows before you clean your siding, you may end up having to do the job twice! This task will help brighten up your home’s interior as well as making the exterior sparkle.
  • Your exterior doors may be a little dingy from the winter as well. Cleaning them off as part of your spring cleaning routine, while relatively easy compared to gutter cleaning and siding inspection, can still make a big difference in the appearance of your home. Before you start, make sure you pick a cleaning method that is appropriate for your doors’ paint and materials.
  • The winter freeze-thaw cycle can be tough on sidewalks, patios, and driveways, especially if they are constructed of solid concrete. Although you’ll want warm weather for repairing a concrete surface, you should inspect your walkways and patios in early spring so that you can spot problems early and plan on repairing them.
  • Spring cleaning is more than just a way to make sure your house looks neat, clean, and well-maintained. It’s a way to keep your home structurally sound and spot minor problems before they turn into major ones. Paying attention to these tasks during your spring cleaning will make sure that your home is ready for whatever the weather brings in the year to come.
    We at Urban Siding & Exteriors pride ourselves on helping homeowners keep their homes in the best condition possible all year long. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about roof repair, ice damming, siding repair, or other maintenance concerns.